We develop technological solutions which help brands gain and retain customer trust and have acquired a unique set of technical skills, a great deal of knowledge and useful strategic experience in this area.

We also have extensive experience designing high-throughput Windows Azure hosted systems, client-side components based on HTML5, CSS3 and  JavaScript and server-side components based on various open source  and  ASP.NET platforms. 

We offer a fast and forensic website scanning service which delivers a report on all the http, javascript and flash cookies used by the site including its embedded third-parties. Our CookieQ platform lets publishers offer informed consent across multiple domains, giving their increasingly privacy aware customers explicit control over their data. This is not an ineffective and irritating "cookie consent" popup but a complete set of features that address all of the problems that arise when true ePrivacy solutions need to be implemented.

We are members of the W3C and actively contribute to the Tracking Protection Working Group's Do Not Track standard.


 Do Not Track usage chart


The ICO cannot endorse products, however we have been given the following assurance...

"...I would have no problem whatsoever if you were to tell potential clients that use of the CookieQ solution would, if implemented correctly, allow users to give a valid consent for cookies. As a result, clients can be confident that they are able, via this solution, to comply with the Regulation. I can also say that if we were to receive a complaint about a website offering consent in this way we would be unlikely to uphold such a complaint unless something had gone wrong in a specific implementation."

 - Information Commissioner's Office


We offer consultancy, website auditing services and can implement purpose designed  technology to help web publishers comply with the law and respond to the rapidly developing ePrivacy environment.